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HPA App :: Sweetheart by wraithtown HPA App :: Sweetheart by wraithtown
9/18/2014 art update because the first version was waaaaaay too rushed
I'm so sorry-- I tried to keep it concise but as per usual it somehow ended up ridiculously detailed ;o;

Important information/details are written in bold. Pay attention to them-- it might help you solve a mystery, or else commit a murder... :fuzzydemon:

Name: Sylvester "Sweetheart" Hart
Nickname: Sweetheart. He will introduce himself as this and ask you to call him this-- but he will tell you his real name if you ask nicely.
Age: 13 (skipped a grade)
Height: 5"2
Weight: 107 LBS
Gender: Male
DOB: May 29th

SHSL: Sweet Tooth
A gourmet sugar lover and expert candymaker, Sweetheart has earned the title of Super Highschool Level Sweet Tooth. He can be often found melting down candy and syrup into molds to make new creations or else baking cakes and desserts.

Ethnicity/Home: Canadian/Canadian (ancestors originally migrated from ireland to canada but his family has been there so long he doesn't count it as important).
Extra Features: His thin ribbon he ties in a knot around his neck, his leather gloves, and his albinism-- yep, he's albino. He dyes his hair or uses hair chalk--both of which wash out quickly. He also wears easily recognizable round glasses.
Weapon: N/A

Sweetheart can easily come off as the stereotypical jokester, but that's not entirely the case. He's a very silly person, he jokes and acts ridiculous and stupid and funny. But don't let that fool you-- he's actually quite clever. The sillyness, while still being a true part of his personality, is also a bit of a facade-- he hides his intelligence behind his humour-- intentionally. He likes to have a tactical advantage of being underestimated. Quick on the uptake and cunning, he's hard to fool-- even if he puts on mask of confusion, he's usually knowledgeable about what's going on. He is in the habit of withholding information from people just to watch them run around, which he thinks is good fun. However, he's not overly confident in his abilities and can be cowardly; he won't approach someone if they're frightening to him and he won't go off into other's territory on his own, especially at night. (chances are, he'll go out of his way to ask for someone's accompaniment). He's even a bit afraid of the dark. Though he can seem highly open-booked about his emotions, he only really gets frightened or upset about something when it's direct at him, himself-- he's not going to stand up for someone unless he hates the person anyway or said person actually managed to become a close friend of his. Usually, instead of mourning the dead he'll instead focus all his efforts on catching the killer (and making jokes about their death HAHAHAAAA). He enjoys simple pleasures-- casual conversations with those he deems amusing, laughing, jokes, and of course, CANDY! If you can manage to befriend Sweetheart then he'll be more comfortable with showing his smarts, but he'll still try and entertain.

As a last note, the most rarely seen aspect of Sweetheart's personality is his raging temper. He's so upbeat and smiley, shaking things off without a second thought (but with maybe an eerie smile like he's going to give you salty candy later) that you'd think he'd be impossible to get angry-- and it's true, he rarely does. But, when pestered to often, in the direct face of certain danger, or when faced with incredible, persevering ignorance/stupidity, Sweetheart will get really, really quiet, seething with anger, and dish out scathing remarks like there's no tomorrow. He raises his voice and his laugh gets a lot crueler than his normal giggle.

-Sweet things/sugar
-Cutesy things
-Being silly and jokey (perhaps morbidly so, on occasion)
-Tricking people
-Being the most intelligent person in the room even if he doesn't wave it around
-Pink & Black
-Novels and other lengthy books

-Scary looking people/things
-being called girly or nerdy or just being bullied in general (he'll freak out at you if you do this)
-Idiocy and incompetence
-Being pestered for information
-People who don't like sugar (WHAT WHY WOULDN'T YOU WHAT ARE YOU SAYING)
-Too much seriousness
-Serious danger, serious risks-- but only towards himself, he doesn't care so much about others being in danger
-People going into his room (KEEP OUT!!)

Additional Info:
-He looks his age but from his speech alone you'd think he'd be older-- he'll deny being 13 and be all "nah I just have a baby face"
-Sweetheart has a *slight* accent-- he doesn't fit in the canadian stereotype of saying "aboot" and the like, but he will say "Eh?" instead of "What?" and he also uses Canadian speling ('colour' instead of 'color' etc.)
-Sweetheart actually thinks that Monobear is pretty adorable, espcially since he loves teddy bears and stuffed animals (and his his self-proclaimed no.1 fan)
-Giving him candy would be a great way to get on his good side, right? Right. What else would you give him.
-The only thing he will consistently take with 100% seriousness is candy.
Do. Not. Mess. Around. With. Candy. Don't borrow his equipment, or eat it it too quickly, or sneer at a certain kind... just don't.
-he cannot read without his glasses. he wears them all the time anyway, so this isn't much of an issue for him.
-He has a crazy fast metabolism-- he needs to eat A LOT because his body naturally burns a ton of energy just by functioning normally-- and not just candy, but other food as well. He basically snacks throughout the day.
-Partially due to end-of-the-day sugar crashes, Sweetheart is an incredibly heavy sleeper. He won't wake up unless someone shakes him or shouts in his ear and even then he'll be really groggy and annoyed and sad at having to wake up
-He is super careful about dental hygiene and will give you a toothbrush if you ask since he's got like 5 backups
-His breath seems to permanently smell like bubblegum. It's not unpleasant at all.
-His cooking outfit is basically just a frilly apron and a big hairnet.
-He is known to leave candy wrappers pretty much everywhere. He doesn't exactly mean to, it just sorta happens without his noticing. If he's been there, chances are you'll find a candy wrapper there (unless someone has moved them around or something...)
-he is rarely ever seen without his gloves. he keeps track of them so he won't lose them. If he can't find them he'll assume they were stolen and be pretty loud about it.

Sweetheart started out small, growing up with a a middle-class family of 4 and working in his mom's bakery, helping the family business a fabulous amount with his recipe ideas and confectionery skills. It was their only real source source of income, but it was popular, so that was alright, but to maintain their place as a well-known bakery, Sweetheart had to throw himself into it 110%. Staying up late, working through the rushes, whatever it took-- not that he really minded. He loved candy! And he loved the simple joy that went with eating candy and giving it to others, as well. Making people laugh and giggle was also a reliable source of entertainment-- and if not, then the weird looks people gave him for his quirky sense of humour were pretty funny too.

When he started middle school, his distant parents hired some new workers to take his place so he'd be able to have time to study and socialize. He had skipped a grade in elementary school and was shorter than everyone by far, but he was cunning about it. He just made sure to occasionally whine to people about how he hated that his entire family was so small (and that he hadn't gotten a growth spurt yet), so nobody would ask, or get suspicious. Hiding his intelligence and age was important to Sweetheart-- try as he might to be purely logical in his intelligence, he despaired at the thought of being bullied by his peers as he was when he was younger. He'd been teased about being 'girly' and 'nerdy' way too much for his liking. He preferred people just not knowing. Some people thought he was a total idiot from their first impression of him being a clown, and he was okay with not correcting them. It wasn't just for his personal reasons, though-- he honestly enjoyed deceiving people and tricking them blind. Any test scores someone managed to sneak a peek at he'd wave away with an "Eh? Oh no, this is a fluke, man. I just guessed!" Sweetheart HAD always been rather sneaky. Watching people toil away with their useless attempts at doing their homework, while he knew the answer all the long, had a certain fun to it.

Meanwhile, the bakery's website had become rather well-known. Since his parents had been hardly ever updating it, when Sweetheart started being in charge of it he made sure to make it great. He blogged about confectioneries and tips for cooking-- he didn't really having anything better to do. While he had plenty of people to entertain him at school, he didn't really have any close friends besides his sister. Eventually the website led to him getting a couple magazine articles, not that he really cared about that, but it REALLY helped his family's business! They'd be okay without him now.

Good timing, since not long after securing his family's bakery's survival on the cooking scene, he received a letter for a very prestigious highschool indeed...Hope's Peak Academy. Maybe it was time to pack his bags and start fresh~

RP Sample: (I prefer third-person past, paragraph)
Sweetheart tugged at the ribbon on his neck, gazing up at the looming building that was Hope's Peak Academy. A soft breeze swept past, as though beckoning him forward, pushing against him in a gentle breath. He gave the lollipop in his mouth a little swirl with his free hand (the other hanging onto his black leather suitcase-- another similar, yet larger one at his feet) as he blinked slowly, trying to savor the moment like he would a good piece of taffy. This was his new home now... his new school. A goofy grin found its way to his face around the white stick of his candy, and he scooped up his other bag, taking his first steps into HP Academy, almost skipping a bit.

((I usually go even longer than that-- seriously. I can go like 7-10 paragraphs in a note rp yes I have a problem))
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