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Armonia App :: North Lights by wraithtown Armonia App :: North Lights by wraithtown

update! lights has been sorted into Tesla, the house of innovation and technology 

look whose computer decided to work long enough for me to submit this!! 8 D

:bulletblue:Name: North Lights (He just goes by 'Lights' though)

:bulletblue:Age: 14 (not counting the time when he was a fossil)

:bulletblue:Gender: Male

:bulletblue:Pokémon: Aurorus, the Tundra Pokemon

:bulletblue:Birthday: November 9th

:bulletblue:Height: 8"10 (he's a long-necked dinosaur what did you expect-- also this is the cannon height of an actual aurorus)

:bulletblue:Weight: 370 lbs (heAVY!! --though, despite being hecka tall, he doesn't exactly look it. he has an average frame.)

:bulletblue:Nature: Timid

:bulletblue:Ability: Refrigerate

:bulletblue:Hometown: Snowbelle City, Kalos

:bulletblue:Personality: Lights is quiet, childish, a bit silly, and easily pleased or impressed. However, he's also easily frightened, made shy or flustered. He gives up easily, so if he fails to make good impression the first time, he'll just avoid you rather than talk to you again-- but his childishly forgiving nature ensures that if you make an effort, however small, he'll be your friend almost for sure. Lights enjoys simple pleasures like eating and sleeping much more than the average person and, luxury-wise, is usually content with what he already has, and quite happy to give away what he doesn't need. He is very imaginative and prone to getting frightened at things that aren't likely or a threat at all or don't even exist (getting chewed out by a teacher, someone thinking his scarf is stupid, monsters under the bed, etc.) so he can be very timid for seemingly no reason-- but on the other hand, he has some good problem solving skills and can usually think up cool ideas for paintings or stories. He does have some artistic talent but motivation often eludes him since in terms of painting/writing he just wants to make something pretty and then go back to sleep. 


??? years ago
Lights, an Amaura of the icy tundra, was hatched to a clan of others sharing his species. Together they trekked through the snowy mountains and plains-- their home. Lights (of course, he wasn't known as Lights back then) was prone to travelling at the back of the pack, moving at pace slower than the others, but was always allowed time to catch up, was always helped along by his smiling family. Leave no one behind-- not even a timid little thing like Lights. Every year, just before the ice hardened all the way through and the winds increased in strength tenfold (aka when winter came) his clan settled down in a cave or hole, and slept peacefully until what little warmth the land granted them returned (they hibernated through the winter when it got waaaaay too cold for survival and woke up in the summer-- which was still pretty darn cold, since it snowed all year round).

One night the clan settled down for such a sleep-- without knowing it would be their last. Lights had always enjoyed slumbering peacefully and so burrowed himself in the snow of their cave and slept with ease-- other children from his clan, however, were still exploring the area when a violent storm struck. Adults rushed to find them and bring them to safety, but those who left the cave never returned, lost in the blizzard. While Light's family ventured one by one outside the cave to find the other members, and then being consequently lost in the storm forever, Lights slept on.

And he didn't awake for a very long while.

present day
The little Amaura was revived in an Ambrette laboratory from a fossil that gleamed like a rainbow. It was brought to the labs by a pair of Carbink who had found the fossil in their hometown of Snowbelle, thinking it to be some jewel that they wanted to appraise. They were surprised when it was identified as a fossil and revived, but got over their shock quite quickly-- and, being the loving couple they were, were fast to adopt the little Amaura, and named him North Lights.

The two Carbinks wrote a small, local paper called The Snow Gem for Snowbelle City, and though it took up most of their time (as it was solely a family paper) they still raised a family-- Lights had 3 brothers and 2 sisters, all either birthed by their parents or adopted into the family. Since the paper was a family one, everybody had to pitch in-- often Lights' would help edit (english and other languages were the only subjects he was really good in-- well, along with astronomy, but that didn't help the paper out much) but he'd also occasionally write horoscopes or help answer questions in the 'letters to the editor' section. He took time on weekends to experiment with oil pain, making pretty little abstract patterns that conveyed a feeling or setting rather than an actual  subject. He was still rather shy and childish, just like those days living on the tundra-- days which he seldom thought about anymore-- but less so now. Why would he dwell on those days, anyway? He had a loving family again, a nice, peaceful life.

Except, that changed when he was a preteen. The Snow Gem was bought out by a Kalos-wide newspaper company and Lights's parents found new jobs, which forced the whole family to move... to Lumiose City.

Lights hated it. He really didn't like it. It was big, it was smelly, it didn't even snow. His parents had new jobs, but the paper they now worked for wasn't about to hire 6 kids part-time as well, so the family couldn't all work together anymore. On top of all that, almost right after starting out at his new school, Lights evolved into an Aurorus. A lanky, freezing-cold, ALMOST NINE FOOT TALL AURORUS. His marks took a plummet as he lost most of his motivation. He'd always had trouble making friends, but now that he was a gigantic dinosaur that could freeze you effectively if you touched its crystals, befriending others was way too much of a scary feat for him to face. Highschool demanded more of his time than he was willing to give and often he'd go right to sleep after coming home, coming in very late the next day, just so he wouldn't have to deal with anything.He found that he couldn't stop dwelling on his clan on the tundra from all those years back, just wanting to go back to a simpler time, without the bustling city, school drama, or pressure from his peers.

He never outright voiced his thoughts, but his siblings, being the awesome people that they were, found a solution: a place called the Armonia Institute. Lights had mixed feelings about  applying: would ANOTHER new school really help? What if they don't like him? What if there's bullies? What if he has to wake up really, really, early? His parents, deaf to his pointless concerned, sent his application in anyway. This might be an opportunity for Lights to get away from the city-- and get over his silly fears!

:bulletblue:Summary characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas

:bulletblue:Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, cuddling, reading, playing with others/wild pokemon.  Lights also enjoys to write-- most of his stuff is poetry, fantasy or both. He also enjoys painting, but in that area all his stuff is abstract (and resembles wintery scenes or auroras).

:bulletblue:Level: 22

:bulletblue:TM Moves: Rock Polish, Thunderbolt, Rest

:bulletblue:Favorite berry flavor: Sweet

:bulletblue:House: Tesla

:bulletblue:School Schedule: N/A

:bulletblue:Clubs: N/A

:bulletblue:Extras/Fun Facts:
-He's so tall and weighs so much cuz HE'S A DINOSAUR WHAT DID YOU EXPECT
-most of his time is spent eating or sleeping. he takes naps all the time and has to eat a lot since, again, he's a dinosaur. 
-His ridges change color and pulse different shades all the time
-don't touch his crystals. it's not that he doesn't like it, it's that they're -240 degrees farenheit and really freaking cold. dont do it man.
-because his crystals are so cold he usually wears a scarf or something to cover the ones on his neck, and sometimes even uses a leg warmer to cover the ones on his tail
-he is very afraid of people touching his crystals and getting burned by the cold, so even though he likes cuddling, he usually doesn't touch people uninvited
-when he walks into a room sometimes the temperature will noticeably drop-- he doesn't know how to control this and is very insecure about it
-speaking of not knowing how to control his ice and stuff he's a REAL bad battler like his high HP is his one redeeming quality he is super uncoordinated when it comes to fighting. he might look scary cuz he's huge but he has no idea how to defend himself
-He is prone to carrying around a stuffed toy or pillow while not attending class (and sometimes while he IS attending class)
-he also has a small collection of stuffed toys cuz he thinks they're super cute and cuddly
-he is typically drawn to other fossil pokemon and will be more comfortable around them
-Lights remembers his days before being revived from a fossil, but they're all kinda fuzzy. however he will sometimes have very vivid dreams about his clan.
-his ridges are very sensitive and he would be very dismayed to have them touched :stare:
-yes yes I know that 'north' should be 'northen' but he's based off of my Aurorus in pkmn y and 'Northen Lights' did not fit

Lights (c) me
Aurorus (c) pokemon
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Thalateya Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
Oh my! Another fossil pokemon, he and Savannah would be good friends. I love his design and the way you decorated the app! I can't wait to see you do more of this guy!
wraithtown Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I was really worried that the auroras would be too distracting so that's reassuring |D 
And yeeeEEEEE Savvy and him can throw a fossil party (which i have a feeling would be mostly composed of Light's stuffed toys) seriously though I find fossil pkmn very underrated like they're ancient pokemon from rocks thats pree cool why aren't there more fossil chars XD
bellberrystar Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
I feel in love with his design. And then I feel in love with his character. Aaaaah!~ You did such a good job crafting this character! I just want to give him a big hug! ;w; 

I know it wouldn't be canon, but can I please just draw him with my Armonia chara sitting in his lap sometime? It would be totally platonic! Is that okay? If not than that's okay too! I know Light is a shy guy so they'd have to be friends first or maybe not, I don't know how he feels about touching! ;w; They could just stand next to each other! I'll stop talking now! Hahaha!
wraithtown Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
abbubub :iconasdfghplz: thank you! it really means a lot to me that people like my chars amg <3

and yeah go for it! i have a weakness for people drawing my chars ahhhh don't worry about making it super platonic i mean Lights is super cuddly hed snuggle up to her if she was friendly uwu
lol thatd be one heck of a height difference XD
bellberrystar Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Eeeee~ You have awesome baby boos~ 

She's not really friendly but if she would totally snuggles if they were friends. ;w; Still drawing it anyway~

Yeah, he's like 3 times her height! Hahaha! 
Ally-Chan777 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
He looks so adorable and might I just say WOW. You have intense colouring skills. Awesome job.
wraithtown Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
[coloring intensifies] *brik'd*

thank you!! uwu
Ally-Chan777 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
xD pfft-

No problem >w<
DrDoomy Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay you did the Aurorus ;v;

He's really cute aaah <3
wraithtown Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yee thank for ur advice bout that it rly helped <3 and thanks i'm glad you like him!
LuckyRyo Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He's really cute, precious even
i like how you draw and color

wraithtown Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you ;o;
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